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Staying Fit From Home

As the Ohio weather begins to change (it is 38 degrees this morning!) the desire to get out and stay active decreases. Because of this, we begin to pack on the winter pounds, which can be unhealthy. There is a way to stay active though from the comfort of your own home. Many Medicare plans offer a Silver Sneakers membership which is good not only in the gym, but also with their online classes! You would have access to a variety of low-impact workouts on demand on your phone, computer, or smart tv using this website.

Additionally, some plans offer home-workout kits that include resistance bands, free weights, and other workout tools. And yet other plans will offer reimbursement for the purchase of these types of items, or even for downloadable apps (for your phone or tablet) that promote healthy living.

Don't know what your plan offers? We do. Contact Jason (614-406-8186) or Connor (614-406-6071) and we can guide you through maximizing your plan's benefits.

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