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How Does Medicare Work With Veteran's Benefits?

Veteran's Administration (VA) Coverage

The VA doctors and hospitals do not accept original Medicare (A and B) or Medicare Advantage plans. VA coverage varies from person to person as it is a percentage-based plan with even the highest coverage (100%) sometimes not receiving benefits such as dental or vision.

Having an agent on the team who has both VA benefits as well as Medicare benefits, we are very familiar with how you can make both benefit sources work best for you. Contact us to talk to our veteran specialist!

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TRICare For Life

If you have TRICare health insurance prior to turning 65, then when you turn 65, you will be required to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. The TRICare plan is then known as TRICare For Life.

TRICare For Life acts as a secondary to Medicare A and B. Again, due to some plan limitations, you may not receive all benefits you would want from just Original Medicare, and it is ALWAYS a good idea to see if there are plans out there that can get you those benefits. And of course, WE CAN HELP!

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