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It Pays to Shop!

No matter what time of year, we always offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION Medicare benefits reviews. But this time of year, with it being the Annual Enrollment Period, it especially makes sense to check your benefits to see if you are getting what you need (and want!).

The average Medicare Supplement plan premium go up 5-8% every year, with some increasing by as much as 12%. That can put a financial strain on your budget for coverage you may not be taking full advantage of. Additionally, with Medicare Advantage plans, the benfits change yearly, including the prescription drug coverage as well as copays. If you are not sure of the benfits of your plan, you may be overpaying or completely missing out on benefits you need.

We are here to make sure that neither of the above scenarios happen. Please call Jason at (614) 406-8186 or Connor at (614) 406-6071 to schedule an appointment at the place and time of your choosing.

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