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The time is upon us! The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period begins in October. No doubt you have been receiving mailers and seen the commercials on tv already, but how much good, useable information do they provide? And can they compare all the plans available, or just their brand? Wouldn't it be great if there was someone local who could do all that for you and be an advocate for you? What you are wishing for does exist in Barber Insurance Group! And not only that, we want to feed you while you learn.

So, we are hosting a four night event (you only need to attend one night) at our Church where we teach you the finer points of Medicare for the upcoming year and provide cupcakes from Fantasy Cupcakes in Canal Winchester! In addition, we will have a representative from Dedicated Senior Health Center there to talk about their facility, and take questions from those looking for a new primary care physician. Below are some links to give you more information, and to allow you to sign up. REMEMBER: THIS IS A COMPLETELY FREE EVENT WITH ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED. If you just want to know the changes with Medicare for 2023 and a free cupcake, without us ever calling you again, then we can promise that!

We hope to see you there!

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