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I'm Still Getting Calls!

Even though the Annual Enrollment Period is over, unfortunately the calls, mailers, and commercials just don't end. Something that Connor and Jason always tell clients is;

1) Don't answer phone calls from numbers you don't know - hard to tell real from scam, so call a trusted agent (we know some!).

2) Don't respond to the mailers - Connor and Jason carry MANY different companies and know the plans, so ask them.

3) Joe and JJ on TV won't be your Medicare agent - so don't call them.

If you or a friend have a Medicare question, of course we will always be glad to answer it. We get many calls every month from people who are not clients, but we will never turn down the opportunity to educate. We will GLADLY answer all questions and perform a benefits review for anyone, even if it is outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.

Please call Jason (614-406-8186) or Connor (614-406-6071) to ask questions, set up appointments, or just to see if there are any extras on your plan you should be taking advantage of!

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